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ParaView excels at creating animations as well as interactive visualizations from vast data sets. Gephi is an open source, JavaScript-based visualization platform.

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Like ParaView, Gephi is targeted at scientists and data scientists rather than business analysts. Gephi excels at visualization and exploration of complex networks. The platform is used for analysis of both biological and social networks.

It also handles link analysis, which is a more general form of network analysis that clarifies relations between object classes by treating them as nodes within a network. The business value of Gephi resides in its advanced features for creating and interacting with network visualizations, particularly social networks. Given that some of the most successful data science initiatives at companies such as LinkedIn have focused on network analysis, data scientists should definitely give Gephi a spin.

13 Free Data Visualization Tools

While users can import spreadsheets, Gephi lacks extensive data integration and preparation capabilities. Weave is an open source data visualization platform developed by the Institute for Visualization and Perception Research at the University of Massachusetts Lowell. Weave differs from ParaView and Gephi in that it intends to be an all-purpose visualization platform, spanning both business and scientific use cases.

Weave is cloud-based , meaning that users access the user interface within their browsers. Weave offers a number of visualization templates, ranging from standard bar charts and pie charts to thermometers and maps. It is particularly useful for geographic visualizations. Like Gephi, Weave is somewhat limited in the data sources that it can be connected to.

8. Highcharts

The most widely used formats it supports are. CSV and Excel files, but there are a few other options. You should consider open source if: You should consider a free or paid version of a proprietary solution if: We offer the following resources in this space:. How Visualize Free Works Visualize Free is a free cloud-hosted, zero-client app for data visualization and analytics. Need More? Analytic Dashboards Build an interactive visualization with a zero-client drag-and-drop designer. Private or Shared By default your visualization is private to you, but you can make it shareable, and then provide its URL to whomever you like.

Your data will always stay private.

Interact with examples below, OR,. Start to Create Your Own.

Visualize Free offers free. Documentation Video Tutorials User Forum.

Tableau Public

Beyond Visualize Free. Additional benefits are: Unlimited number of users and fine-grained access control Unlimited data size Database connections, updatable server hosted data files Mashup data from multiple sources and leverage the data acceleration engine Ensured performance with dedicated computing power.

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20 Free and Open-Source Data Visualization Tools

Your published vizzes are always live and interactive. View the gallery. In , almost 10 million debris items were collected by the Ocean Conservancy's International Coastal Cleanup. Kasia Gasiewska-Holc shows what items were found, how many and where they were found, and how long each item would take to decompose.