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Reason: New information about the device. Reply With Quote Rate Seller. Interested, but I need to know for sure if this is a 1. At photos, the specs mention that it is a regular 1.

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Maybe a photo of About This Mac could help? Reply With Quote.

Hi Dimfil. Thanks for the interest.

Today's best HP Z2 Mini G4 deals

I'm sorry to have caused confusion regarding the hardware. I truly believed, that the box specified the hardware. I have edited the original post. Interest withdrawn, as I won an already running auction on other Bay. This Mac Mini is of course a "silent upgrade" which makes it the last and the best of Mac Mini G4s, it is a great system for MorphOS and definetely deserves attention!

Good luck with the sale Last edited by dimfil; 9th October at This is true.

1st Gen Apple Mac Mini (PowerPC G4) Acquisition

I tried to post a reply, but it didn't post for some reason. You were right about the silent upgrade. I have corrected the original post. It did't run well, it cannot set the resolution properly. But this is quickly fixed once you've applied the Also, I've never ever heard that Classic is any different on Panther than on Tiger. It should be exactly the same.

For those asking for the elusive Mac OS X Without this disc, one can't straightforwardly install back any client version of Mac OS X Panther on any of the 4 Mac mini G4 models that were made. Server versions of Panther As for Classic on Tiger vs. Panther goes, however, to my knowledge, there's absolutely nothing Panther does better, and that such a claim is nothing but a baseless myth, I figure.

Interesting to know Jaguar supposedly runs some things better with Classic, though, but, alas, the mini can't have Jaguar running unless someone reports Mac-on-Mac on Panther on the Mac Mini to be working! I can confirm that this I've yet to decide whether to install it. I just wanted to see if it would get that far. It looks very do-able. I just tried it myself, as well, and made a few important discoveries for Mac mini G4 owners wanting to do this: while the Server versions of Panther It works fine and I just installed it on my 1.

Mac Mini - Wikipedia

The base trick required is pretty famous. Just make sure to make visible all hidden files on your Mac, with this command on Terminal: defaults write com. The difference from those guides is that you don't need to edit the "Info. Only 1 character change. While using Panther for Classic might be a little better than Tiger's Classic, the best improvement for Classicmode would be if your Macmini's can rewind back to Jaguar It's a little better to invoke AllFiles like this: "defaults write com.

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Apple Mac Mini "Core G4" 1.5 Late 2005 Specs

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